Get Your Lover Back in 5 Steps

Relationships can be a wonderful experience. However, effort must be put into them for them remain healthy and rewarding. But, as we all know, break ups occur which can lead to a very stressful and frustrating situation. You may find yourself constantly thinking about your ex and wondering if you will ever get your lover back. Here are five tips that will help you whether or not you do get your love back.

Try and be strong and do not act needy. You must stop begging and clinging because your ex can smell the stench of your desperation a mile away. This will turn off your ex completely. Instead, let your ex think that you are strong and you’ve moved on. Not only does this help you personally in putting your life back together, but your ex may realize they still have feelings for you.

file0001287800072The next step ties in with the first one. Limit all communication with your ex. Minimize talking in person, on the phone, or text messaging either. This taking-a-break step will allow both of you to clear your heads while you both may realize how important you are to each other. If this happens, you have a decision to make. Do I want to get my ex back or not?

When dealing with your ex, be flexible, not forceful. Be a good listener and sympathize with your ex. Your ex may enjoy seeing this side of you and it could motivate them to increase their empathy toward you which may have been lacking during the break up.

This next step is just for you. You must get out and enjoy life. Call old friends, get out of the house, redevelop your social network, and enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment:


Catch a Ballgame

Go Fishing

Enjoy a Concert

See a movie with Friends


This does not mean you have to date or worry about the opposite sex either. Just enjoying yourself without any pressure will be extremely therapeutic and it may inspire your ex to think they may have lost someone special.

The last step is to simply be yourself. When you had your relationship, your ex loved you for who you were, so go back to being yourself. This renewal of self perception may have your ex thinking about why they fell in love with you in the first place.  Your question of how to get your lover back may be answered.

Have FUN again – with or without your ex!




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